Run every side of your restaurant efficiently

Snack is an all-in-one point of sale platform that’s packed with goodies

With smart analytics, sleek hardware, seamless products, and more, Snack drives overhead down and customer happiness way up.


On the Snack menu

Like steak and potatoes, all Snack products work together. Trim the fat from your overhead with a powerful omnichannel sales and ordering platform.

Trusted by hundreds of restaurants.

The premier destination for authentic Mexican cuisine in the heart of Chicago. Our family-owned and operated restaurant has been serving the community with delicious food and drinks for years, and we are proud to be a staple in the city's vibrant dining scene.
Cescas Margarita Bar and Grill
Combining tradition and perfection, ROMA'S has been serving the finest Beef Sandwich in Chicago for over 45 years. We use the freshest ingredients to create mouthwatering sandwiches, pizza, delicious fries and much more.
Roma's Italian Beef, Sausage & Pizza
Specialize in the art of making Smash Burgers.
Mom-and-pop bagel shop concentrating on old-school quality bagels—boiled, not steamed.
Lakeside Bagel & Deli
Peruvian Food is incredibly diverse with each region and even some cities with their own specialties.
Golden Llama Peruvian Rotisserie

On the
Snack menu

Like steak and potatoes, all Snack
products work together. Trim the fat
from your overhead with a powerful
omnichannel sales and ordering platform.


Point of Sale

Orders, sales, and payments
are a cinch with a POS
designed for restaurants.


Kitchen Display System

KDS eliminates order processing gaps
by connecting your POS to your kitchen.

Handheld POS

Let patrons wrap up their meals
— without ever leaving their seats.


Cash Discount Pro

Automagically set your pricing
strategies to recoup CC losses.

Self-Order Kiosk

Upgrade and simplify on-site ordering
with a sleek kiosk that connects to the kitchen.

Third Party Delivery Integrations

Reduce confusion with one screen that
integrates with all major delivery services.

Online Ordering & Websites

Easily add a Snack menu to your existing
website — or create a site from scratch.

Marketing & Reporting

Create digital campaigns, get data analytics,
and attract customers with targeted insights.

Trusted by
over hundreds
of restaurants.


Get more control and customizability
than ever with Snack

Operate smoothly. (Customers love that.)

Snack reduces ordering mistakes, lets customers order from anywhere, and
plugs into one seamless POS platform.

Track everything —
down to the crumb.

Stay in control with granular, customizable reporting. With all the stats at you fingertips, you can make informed decisions in a snap.

Integrate your favorite apps. Or customize with Open API.

More power to you! From Quickbooks to Mailchimp, Snack makes connecting to
third party apps seamless.

Let us serve you.

Every restaurant is different. Snack gets that. We’ve built our point of sales platform and product suite to be super-flexible, so whether you run a Michelin-starred restaurant or a hipster food truck, they work for your needs!

Fast Casual

Fine Dining

Café + Bakery

Chain + Franchise

Bar + Nightclub

Food Truck

Full Service

Effortless creating. Advanced automating.

Design campaigns like a marketing whiz

Emails, social media campaigns, web menus and more–the tools are in your hands.

Let customers
order across
different platforms

Multiple ordering platforms let customers enjoy a more customized ordering process.

Track everything
with analytics

With all the stats at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your business.

Get help with anything, anytime, anywhere

A Crunch support technician is there to assist you with any issue at any store location.

Increase productivity and take more orders

Crunch reduces phone time, freeing up your employees’ time and increasing general productivity.

Improve customer experience

Mistake-proof online ordering means customers get what they’re expecting–and always come back for more.

Phone, Chat, Whatever,
Whenever—We’re Here To Help

Snack is designed to be simple, but that
doesn’t mean you’re on your own.
Support is just a shout away!

Ready for a modern, feature-
rich POS platform designed
for your restaurant?

Sales. Analytics. Marketing. Snack has it all.
See it in action — and learn how you can run your
restaurant better with Snack.

(No charge. No pressure.)