Cafe + Bakery

The Best POS
for Bakeries
and Cafes.

Meet the all-in-one point of sale platform designed to make cafe
and bakery management faster, simpler, and tastier.

Why successful bakeries and cafes are using Snack:

With Snack, it’s all a piece of cake!

Smart self-ordering

Self-ordering kiosks,
online ordering, and more
lets you keep staff streamlined

Automatic cash discounts

Set your pricing strategies
at set up — and let them
do their thing

Loyalty programs

Easily set up a loyalty program to
incentivize one-time visitors
to become regulars

All Snack products work together
for a better-run restaurant.

All Snack products work together
for a better-run restaurant.


Point of Sale

Orders, sales, and payments
are a cinch with a POS
designed for restaurants.


Kitchen Display System

Eliminate order processing gaps
with tools that connect directly to your POS.

Handheld POS

Let patrons wrap up their meals
— without ever leaving their seats.


Cash Discount Pro

Automagically set your pricing
strategies to recoup CC losses.

Self-Order Kiosk

Upgrade and simplify on-site ordering
with a sleek kiosk that connects to the kitchen.

Third Party Delivery Integrations

Reduce confusion with one screen that
integrates with all major delivery services.

Online Ordering & Websites

Easily add a Snack menu to your existing
website — or create a site from scratch.

Marketing & Reporting

Create digital campaigns, get data analytics,
and attract customers with targeted insights.

Overtake the

Talk to our team to find out how you can
modernize your POS technology, streamline your
food ordering system, and boost sales with Snack.

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