Cash Discount Pro

Where Pricing Meets Profits

Stop losing money on transaction fees! With Cash Discount Pro, either the customer covers the cost, or there's no fee at all when they pay cash.

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Traditional CD: No More Fee Frenzy

Automatically adjusts menu prices to cover card fees. Cash payers get a break.

Dual Pricing: Cash or Card, Your Call

Two prices, zero headaches. Cash or card, Snack POS adjusts on the fly.

Cash Discount Pro

Restaurants run on tight margins. And the #1 thing
driving those margins? Pricing. With Snack’s Cash
Discount Pro, pricing items right for your restaurant
becomes easier than scrambling eggs.

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Snack makes better cash tools
for higher restaurant margins.

The Snack Cash Discount Pro is designed to integrate
with our point of sales platform and omnichannel
ordering options. See how it all works in real time!

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