Marketing + Reporting Tools

Most restaurant profit margins fall between
3-5%. That’s tight–and it’s tough to keep track
of. Snack POS centralizes your data and
connects to reporting & marketing, making
profit margins easier to track and grow.

Marketing tools

Create digital campaigns, promote loyalty programs, and more.
It’s marketing magic right at your fingertips!
  • Google Listings

    Expand your online footprint with a Snack-managed Google listing, which offers information about your restaurant at a glance.

  • Email Campaigns

    Design stunning email blasts and send them to your online ordering subscribers with our email campaign platform. Rich reporting lets you see what’s working.

  • Social Media

    Get your social accounts managed by Snack. Connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost orders.

  • In-App Marketing

    Use branding tools, push notifications and more to create awareness of your restaurant and get more traffic on the Snack app.

  • Loyalty Programs

    Create a loyalty program and set special-occasion promo codes to generate buzz and keep customers coming back.

  • Analytics

    Get a good look at your marketing efforts and make smarter decisions with data-rich customer and sales analytics.

  • Premium Marketing Tools

    As a premium user, take advantage of our dedicated marketing consultants and power listing services. Or invest in a custom website.

Pairs well with everything.

All of our products are designed to work with one another for seamless restaurant control.
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