Third-Party Delivery Integrations

Customers love ordering on apps like UberEats, but do you?
Those third-party tablets clutter countertops, inviting chaos and
order mistakes.

The good news: With Snack, you can integrate and manage all app orders from just one screen, saving time and labor costs.

Get free
expert setup

Managing third-party data
gets confusing. Our onboarding
team will set up your menus!

Update all
menus with a click

Publish menu updates
across all third-party apps
from the Snack platform.

Connect to
the kitchen

By connecting the Snack KDS,
a Doordash order gets
sent straight to the chef.

Pairs well with everything.

All of our products are designed to work with one another for seamless restaurant control.
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View Third-Party Delivery
Integrations in Action!

Snack’s third-party integrations
consolidate all your orders into one
platform. See how it works in real time!

(No charge. No pressure.)

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